Lukas Vangelis
(New and old poems re-mixed)

 Made by
 Angel eyes and
 Numbered like
 Diamonds in the skies
 Absolutely round
 Light and sound
     * * *

 it comes
 by blue bus, white bus
 through the city lights
 numbers and colors -
 the secret whisper
 of the ancient times
 it comes
 the hidden meanings
 of tomorrow
 you trust undoubtfuly
 you trust with sorrow

 the children play
 with sacred sand and frost
 before and after -
 there's always something lost
      * * *

 the great reclaim of choice
 you're gone
 but in the realm of words
 everyday is done

 with the photograph
 in fear
 more than sixteen hours
 and feeling useless power

 I never listen
 just trying to imagine
 glamouring invisible
 accepting sadness
     * * *

 change of direction
 "change" for sale
 shown in the street
 made for the waste
 and while I walk
 the words could touch
 each other with their
 hands of meanings
 the steps behind
 each time we go
 we lose our minds
 the fear of the passenger
 will follow
     * * *

 little mistress
 comes inside
 inside the things
 that makes our minds
      * * *

 girl and dress
 and lights are off
 in hot
 time beat
 the morning calls
 down the
 the cigarette
 drops in my mind -
 she missed me smoking
      * * *

 cold overcoat
 the dead leaves in the wind
 evening whispers
 slowly walks with dogs

 besides familiar
 concrete monuments
 it looks alive
 warm and smile
 home is beautiful
     * * *

 I've met a mistress
 in the street
 while I was thinking
 but not knowing
 when I find out
 I had a dream
 that time
 we saw each other
 (it was)
     * * *

 here comes your hair
 white curly hair
 the witness of
 the passing year
      * * *

 light is useless
 sound is the miracle
 in the room of blind musicians
 life is going on
 when the good days were over
 I came in
 I'm falling
 I'm standing still

 on video
      * * *

 I stayed confused
 in the lucky eyes above me
 I'm on the corner of the night
      * * *

 your arms are round my neck,
 modern world
 painting in gold
 the color of your lipstick
 shoes and skirts
 sweet similarity
 protection of your thoughts
      * * *

 I'm standing in the light
 but you can't see me
 I'm looking to your eyes
 just to see the light
      * * *

 my ice-cream girl
 is once again
 she's all in me
 white curly hair
 in time
 when moments disappear

 I can't remind my self
 of me
 I can't forget
 I'm all in you
 this time I melt
 I can't forget
 I can't forget
      * * *

 have you ever seen
 the holy men from States
 riding horses
 crossing fire of
          the sandy plains

 I'm a burning tank
 old iron creature
 losing my plastic abilities
 I am
 for a moment

 have you ever seen
 the sacred girlie
 running by the shore
 your eyes are closed
 to see me more

 forget the cars

 have you ever seen
 the maiden
 in black coat
 within a summer hot
 slowly walking
 by the sea

 seaside is empty
 and I'm just following
 the old tank's tracks
 on the sand
 with my poetry equipment
      * * *

 some giddy dizziness
 comes over me
 I felt asleep all overflowed
 in water deep
 inside the running train
 but I was not asleep
 I woke up in the purple haze
 inside old castle
 dark hall of all imaginary acting
 empty  and
 fulfilled in every moment
 black dance
 and all alone,or more
 no dress
 but painted as a whole
 plastic lines
 my eyes
 all body
 transparently black
 black sun
 I feel arms touch
 in opposite
 you, through the glass
 in to the mirror
 you, through the ice
 in melting
 clear glass
 you, through the waterfall
 so bright
 you, through the rain
 some drops
 wet hair
 and neck
 you, through the shower
 I'm at the bottom of the well
 look down
 I'm drawing you
 the moment
 I felt my only lips
 one breath
 the sound you hear
 idea of the difference
 breaks through my mind -
 I caught my thoughts outside
 sweet slide
 in your shape
 the brilliance
 it seems I have your face
 the breast
 we kiss the same
 time beats
 it starts the river of unknown
 you're whole
 so close my place
 we make our selves
 beyond compare
 we're in the mirror
 of the feelings
 of the sense
 the right is left
 top side
 exchanged asymmetry
 synchronous divine
 we disappear for recognition
      * * *

 you always love the pieces
 that you know
 you will recover senses
 of unknown
 there's nothing new
 some pages through
 you always love the faces
 that you do
      * * *

 take my hand
 you tiny bitchy world's beginner
 I'll take you nowhere
      * * *

 traveling down
 to the north
 in to the silence
 to the island
 on the earth
 island on island
 white on white blanket
 surrounded by nothing
 with no one else
 to choose

 no weekends
 no highlights
 no movements
 no lighting
 no score
      * * *

 bright open
 wide and fresh
 green on green
 white church
 on Sunday morning
 children on the way
 dressed in summer colors
 of today

 look down
 love born here
 in simple grace
 in bashful stare
 in truth of their eyes
 and if we kill the time
 there would be no way
 to take us out of here
      * * *

 winds are blowing
       in this room tonight
 but the lonely candle
       is burning still
 we shine in the dark
 we hear each other's words
 as whispers of our minds

 they can hardly understand me
 how old am I?

 and she was sitting
 on the other bench
 she took the last cigarette
 from the table of change

 let's look to each other's eyes
 with the smile of truth
 still we are here
 heart of the youth
    * * *

these are the last but famous words
of alien lost, still gazing at the world
failed with the verse of glimpse and darkness
with dreams - he would expect to act in
between the streets and paper walls and sound
city has lost it's ancient common ground
with screaming churches, bricks and
                              plains of waste
he always comes in last few days
first songs are gone; to my desire
blind winds still keep Abraxas' fire
who made the summer die
not you nor I - but angels cry
I made them laugh, I made them try...
I told the truth but left some lies
I knew they all are coming 'round and loose
I wish to bring the moments back to choose
again I see you more, I see your shape
I even told all this to William Blake
my friend, who dares to say it all to thee
what's me, who owns the word "to be"
I really know what love is for
I just don't know how use it all
      * * *

   white lady
   I saw you in my dreams
   and bloody spots
   on your heaven dress
   who can it be?
   only you

   stand by
   hope we'll survive

1997 by Lukas Vangelis. All rights reserved

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