The big part of 'Vartiklis' takes the mythological stuff. Maybe, this short page will explain the purpose or the signifance of it.

Why immortality?

The science did not prove the human immortality, - and also it's not proved that this one can't be proved. So we must accept the proposition that: if we don't believe in the human immortality then we can't believe in the meaning of life.

By logic, the meaning of life exceeds the limits of the human life, but the ETHICS doesn't allow to turn a person into the means of somebody, that is restricted to anybody, even to God.

On the second hand, if the immortality doesn't exist and the meaning of life will be achieved after the death then the person is the means of somebody, only.

So, if we want to believe in the sense of life and to allow the logic and the morals. we MUST to believe in the human immortality.

What is a myth?

"Give me an example of a myth?", - asked once Campbell.
"The man runs as a deer", - after long silence a interviewer came up.
"That's not a myth! It's simile. - retorted Campbell. - "The man IS a deer".
"But that's a lie..."
"No, that's a myth!"

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