Selected statements by Juozas

The village of "The Rays of Hope" has nothing new. The same dirt (under the snow). The same spoons (after dinner). Of course, the conservatives had come, but thanks to God, the time had come also. The clocks did not stop for some reason.
The conservative is dangerous while he ruts. But that only happens with him every four years.

The village of 'The Rays of Hope'
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- Football. What is it? Is it an art or a science?

- Perhaps, science... The physics...

- But please explain to me: why 20 able-bodied men run about and the only product of this running is the outcome 0:0? What does it mean?

- Perhaps that is why it's not a science. The art! The theatre... These brave men act like the Parliament, like Seimas, like the Government. Perhaps like a policy or some investigation...

- But who is it, because he can't chase them, that whistles and stops them dead? Perhaps Algirdas?

- Maybe all of this is due to provocation by foreign secret services?

- But I think the football doesn't exist at all. The hallucinations! You shouldn't drink so much.


1 Juozas is the greatest representative of realistic trend in Lithuanian literature (and greatest of the all other trends). His second name is Erlickas.

2 The conservatives - such political (or undersexual) party in Lithuania having swallows as their symbol. When they came to rule, the swallows did not fly to warm countries, more.

3 "Seimas" is Lithuanian word having the same meaming as "Parliament".

4 By chance the first name of Lithuanian President is Algirdas, too.

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