Health ministry is dangerous for your health

A month ago the USA citizen was beaten at American embassy at Vilnius (this country as Lithuania is called) by an initiative not some its blockhead guardian but by the order of the consul herself.

So Americans look around and make detour by mile away from your state embassy at Lithuania - it is dangerous for you!

And now new curious thing - the journalist of most popular newspaper at Lithuania was beaten by the vice-minister Danute Kucinskiene (at her room) in the Health's Ministry (this Ministry ia gay - the rumors about the Health's Minister competence walk up and down even among his colleages).

After exclamation "You are a prostitute" (remember: the Lithuanian folk wisdom says: "about what you are saying that you are") the vice-minister beat her (the journalist) to a face. You see - the vice-mister had (it's hard to say "has") the diplom of psychiatrist - then you can think about ways she was treated the mental patients. In such case you want or not want - the rumours go to a head about methods of treating at socialist mental asylums. Now these methods are used to visitors of that "mental" ministry.

Let be carefull and avoid Health's Ministry as ypu can - it's dangerous for your health. And all other departments - till conservatives at rule. They call this "clean hands politics". If these are clean hands what can be dirty ones? If now you can be beaten than tomorrow ... killed?

(17 July, 1997)

P.S. Newest note: next day vice-minister was kicked off from her chair.
So above story was published not for this particular case but for visible basic tendency to give the high chair to very uncompentent persons (and for reaction of high persons to this event). More, perhaps, will be later.
Anyway, be afraid - the conservatives are coming....