Lithuanians at Greece

What our image in foreign parts? At Greece it's Sabonis. If we are going crowdy they are crying as many years ago: "Russians, Russians..." The Russian is known by shoppers of clothes. These was worn by our sweetest women. The ones was so happy by their purchases that a barman stared with open mouth: "The women are gulping a vodka!?" But they had an accordion, also. And a song like their anthem: "Only ugly guys love for sure..." And they was crazy crying when an Italian (passing through) saw the "LUKoil-Baltija" on the side of our bus and pulled off his trousers and showed his hairy ass. Our driver Adolfas had movied Europe far and wide but he spoke he did not see never such things before.

Jonas Banys with a hidden camera had tried to get some job at England, but at that place you can be kicked out, also. And anyway, our young guy and girls has dreams about a one way ticket. And later... Later as the God bless...

By Skirmantas Valiulis, reviewer of TV programs